Learn to choose foods better!

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Pur Vitaé gives you some little tips (from grandmother’s) for choosing food at the market.

The wonder of social networks is that … learning things you never learn in school!

Pineapple, the fruit that only restaurant / hotel students knew how to cut

That’s it, you’ve taken the big step. Tonight, for dessert, perfectly cut pineapple rings …

But you have to know how to choose the right pineapple. For that, take a look at its leaves. If the leaves are green, the pineapple is definitely not good. On the other hand, if the leaves have a “dry” aspect, that’s a very good sign!

Choosing the right avocado, the fruit that has never known unemployment

The avocado is the fruit par excellence that accompanies shrimps in social summer evenings.

How to choose it? Pay attention to the color of its skin and its core. Unlike the highway code, if it’s yellow you can go!

Bananas, the Multi-tasking fruit

Make cakes, fruit salads, desserts, frying … Some examples of the endless possibilities with bananas.

Avoid the green and the black!

The egg, the essential in the fridge

Eggs are extremely necessary in the kitchen. However, we buy them by the dozen and sometimes we forget them in the fridge.

Don’t be fooled! If the egg rises to the surface in a glass full of water, it means that it is no longer safe to eat.

Orange, the fruit of juices

You are in the fruit department and all oranges are the same size, so … which ones to choose?

Opt for the heavier ones, they are more succulent!

Watermelon, the fruit of people on a diet

Before rhubarb and citrus fruits, watermelon is the favorite fruit of people who want to lose weight.

With its 30 calories of pure water, vitamins and minerals, it has a great purifying and dietary power.

choisir pasteque

Pepper, the fruit that everyone thinks is a vegetable

Have you ever chosen peppers by your favorite color?

Please note that the colors of the peppers are used to distinguish them! Peppers with 4 protrusions (bumps) are feminine (like red) and those with 3 protrusions are masculine (green and yellow). Female peppers have a lot more seed and are sweeter, so ideal for salads. On the other hand, green and yellow peppers are better cooked.

The apple, the fruit of sin

One thing is certain: the apple will never experience extinction. With its 7,500 varieties, the compote trade is not about to disappear. But beware, appearances can be deceptive! An apple that shines too much means it has been treated with chemicals! Instead, choose “ugly” fruits!

Choosing the right foods should be relatively easy. However, you have just noticed that this is not always the case. Check the appearance of your food carefully, when a fruit is too perfect it may mean that it is a genetically modified fruit and therefore not “too natural”.

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