The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Performance and the Power of Intention


Become better athletes, break our records, finish a race we never imagined we would align, go faster, further, with more strength and confidence, all thanks to physical training and an unwavering and firm intention to achieve it: it’s beautiful, it’s a dream. But is it really possible?

“[…] if I intend to write a book, I keep in mind the image of the completed book and I refuse to let that intention disappear. Therefore, nothing can prevent me from following my intention. Some people say I have a lot of discipline but I know it isn’t. The inflexibility of my intention does not allow anything else to be expressed except its own realization. ” These words, taken from the book The Power of Intention, by Doctor Wayne W. Dyer, hit the nail on the head. We don’t know why or how, but from reading these lines we have the feeling that nothing and no one can stop us in our quest for performance and improvement. Why ? Because on paper it seems simple … And also because, in reality, it is too. It just takes a little practice. Come see!

Positive thinking

Talking about the power of intention can seem mystical, inaccessible, and vague to the most rational of us. But the intention, if it can arise naturally in us, is implemented and reinforced thanks to various very concrete mental preparation tools. Positive thinking is one of them. This technique, as the name suggests, involves thinking about pleasant things, about things that make us feel good. These can be words that comfort us and bring us into a positive dynamic, such as, “come on, you are there, keep it up”. The purpose of positive thinking is to free ourselves from all traumatic and straining pressure on body and mind, in order to reach a deep state of relaxation. (For sports we recommend drostanolon) The practice of sport is then carried out in its most successful form: the body may be suffering, but the mind accepts it and pushes it to continue by soothing itself. Reassuring images and sources of well-being can also be used: vacation memories, a panorama, a workout that was not easy to perform but that we were proud to perform, etc. When a moment moves us, let’s remember to capture it through our mental camera and bring out our albums when negative thoughts interfere with our effort.

Internal dialogue

Internal dialogue is not much different from positive thinking, except that it is expressed only in words. We can address ourselves with more or less long and positive sentences: “that’s it”, “come on, you’re doing a good job”, “you’ve already done it in training, you know that it can pass ”. Some people are more receptive to shocking phrases, such as, “you did not suffer so much in training for nothing”, or even, “your game is not good, there!”, As is sometimes repeated. aloud rising tennis star Stefanos Tsitsipas. No matter what phrase you use, it’s all about finding the one that gives you wings!

Mental imagery

Mental imagery is visualizing the perfect gesture of a stride, a shot, a jump, etc., to reproduce it identically in sporting reality. The visualization of this gesture is so complete that when we have it in mind, we see and feel everything around and inside us: the mechanics of our body, the rhythm of our breathing, the perspiration on our face, the texture of our hands, the sounds around us, nothing escapes us. As we imagine ourselves doing sports, we record lots of possible scenarios, thus preparing our brains for more realities. Thus, once confronted with reality, the latter knows how to react, because he has already experienced these situations. Visualization allows automatisms to express themselves without the slightest hesitation, and in perfectly natural gestures!


Intention is all about willpower, motivation, and determination. We ignore all possible obstacles for the simple reason that we see well beyond them: our eyes are fixed on our goal, on our intention to see it come true, to accomplish us. And that’s true ! The place our problems occupy can only be measured by the importance we place on them.

Intention is also a matter of focus, dedication, and self-confidence. Nothing forces us to shout our goals and desires from the rooftops. Provided we want it, intend it, make our dreams come true, prove to ourselves that we can do it, in every aspect of our lives. After all, Mark Twain puts it so well, “they didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it.” So let’s do it, let’s have faith in our intention and in its power, let us have faith in ourselves, we improve each day. Everything is possible.

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