First CrossFit Class – What to Expect


We’ve warned you: some of these testimonials may offend even the most sensitive! Why ? Because generally it goes badly, very badly! We don’t easily forget our first CrossFit session.

This session that we thought would tear everything apart because in the weight room we were the best, in the EPS classes we were the strongest! Alas, with CrossFit everything changes. In fact, our fitness is not the same after a few sessions … and yet we were so fit!

Do not panic, the disaster of the first wod happens even to top athletes. This was the case with Cédric, a former swimmer and athlete for 8 years in combat sport: ” During my first session I said to myself” I’m going to be fine “because I’m still a sportsman, but then not at all! The cardio in the socks, in the evil all along the discovery wod! Conclusion: a terrible sport, which put me very badly but which started my spirit of warrior and competitor . We return to the fight, I start again from 0 without what I have learned. Today, after 1 year of CrossFit, I don’t want to stop! ”

Tom, thought he was in Olympic form too: ” Two years ago, I was joining a traditional gym and thought I was super athletic, but I wasn’t at all! After my first CrossFit session and a week of muscle soreness I realized that fitness was over for me! ”

Maxence, a former rugby player, did not expect such an intense first CrossFit class either: ” After an injury (anterior cruciate ligament) and rehabilitation I decided to do CrossFit to regain cardio and strength. (Recommended for athletes At the end of this first session the sensations are varied: excitement, hardness, pain, sweat, happiness, sharing… Finally, the values ​​are quite identical to rugby with a team spirit and hardness. Besides, thank you to Mr. Bastareaud for letting me know Pur Vitaé. ”

Even though the first CrossFit workout is grueling and grueling (and pretty much every other workout to come), that doesn’t stop the Ventolin winners from coming back: ” For that first class I had the right to the assault bike, burpess and push ups in amrap. After the third round I tasted my dinner and I ended up lying on the ground . Two days later I would go back. ” deliberately exposes Luis Casagrande.

Christophe was not crowned by his coach that day either: ” It was a MURPH. An ordeal! The pumps… I thought I would never get out of it ! ”

Sometimes (yes, sometimes) things go well: ” I was very apprehensive, it had been 2 years since I had done any sport. But I was reassured by the coaches who accompanied me . My first wod was snatch and gym I had a lot of pain but it’s ok. ” expresses Camille.

Others have made their crossfit passion their profession: ” My first Wod was in the army penda nt my classes, a FRAN with Alexandre Jolivet, at that time he was still head of the sport section in Gap. I must have taken 15 min against 2’30 now! Thanks to that, I left the battalion to coach! ” proudly tells Damien Mathias. Whatever your sport, choose the difficulty and overcome your skills! Motivation must be the main pillar for total fulfillment.

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