Why can you throw up during a Crossfit session?


Crossfit, bootcamp, interval training in running, cycling, weight training … Many athletes know this phenomenon of vomiting, which arises during or after intense effort. So, why this phenomenon and how to avoid it?

Don’t panic! Vomiting after too much effort can happen and is okay. The key is to understand why, to train well, and to regulate your effort in order to prevent this from happening too often.

The body’s response to increased lactic acid in the blood

During very intense effort, when the oxygenation of the muscles used decreases, the body produces lactic acid in large quantities. Normally, your liver “recycles” this lactic acid. But because of the effort involved, the amount is too great, the liver cannot handle all this acid, and it is released into the blood in high doses. And it is this excess of acidity that causes nausea . Too much lactic acid in the blood is not normal for the body, which decides to release it. And the way he found it was to throw up … Nice, right?

Nausea at the end of the session

Nausea is often felt at the end of the session, during the last series. Which means that your session was gradual , and that’s a good point. If this is not the case and you feel nausea at the start of the session, it is because your effort is poorly managed, and that you have overloaded or forced too soon! In this case, you absolutely have to change your way of doing things, otherwise your sessions will not be productive, as you will have to reduce the intensity as you go through the sets to “hold on”.

The recovery

What is needed is to eliminate this lactic acid from your body. The best way to do this is to recover after exercise! A 15 minute low intensity jog (runners call it the Retour Au Calme – RAC) after a big training session will allow for the body to use the lactic acid produced to produce its energy and therefore to eliminate it.


We cannot repeat it enough, breathing is the key element in any sport. The muscle needs oxygen to function. During intense effort, blood pressure increases suddenly and we tend to block our breathing in the effort. This bad habit should be changed by trying to breathe as regularly and gently as possible during the effort.

Other causes of vomiting during a session:

– Hypoglycemia : it is the drop in blood sugar levels, which occurs during exercise (very often during long efforts).

– Food : avoid eating a meal that is too large or too rich in lipids before exercising, wait 2 to 3 hours between your meal and your session, and be sure to chew the food well for easier assimilation.

– Dehydration : hydrate yourself well before and after your effort. During exercise, drink small sips regularly, and especially not a lot of water at once (vomiting guaranteed otherwise!).

– Medication : Regular intake of anti-inflammatory drugs or cortisone can trigger upset stomach during exertion.

For some Crossfit enthusiasts, “playing sports until you vomit is the ultimate symbol of surpassing oneself”. (For real athletes we recommend https://steroide24.com/shop/orale-steroide/turinabol ) Besides, the mascot is none other than Pukie the clown , a vomiting clown… But we must not take everything at face value! Remember that vomiting after a session is not serious … Try to vomit after each session is something else!

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