Is it better to run with or without music?


Are you new to running and wondering about the best practices to adopt? Are you passionate about running and wondering if your little habits are really beneficial to you? Whether you are one or the other, the question of running to music has certainly arisen before you. These are just a pair of headphones, and yet there is a lot to be said about athletes who wear them and athletes who refuse. Zoom on the benefits and limits of running in song.

Running to music is getting ready!

Before discussing all the advantages of racing in music and in silence, there is one aspect, which is certainly pragmatic, but which nevertheless seems essential to mention: the equipment. Indeed, running while listening to music should not be synonymous with discomfort and bulkiness, so it is important to choose your equipment well. We therefore advise you to opt for Bluetooth headphones, so wires don’t get caught in your arms (the height of annoyance, let’s face it) . Also, avoid carrying your phone directly in your hand, it will numb your arm. Instead, store your smartphone in an armband or running belt, specially designed for carrying objects while jogging.

The power of music

That’s it, are you well equipped? Perfect ! So know that running to music is an excellent source of motivation for those who are a little reluctant to put on their sneakers. On the other hand, music can make you forget your boredom and weariness, like when you focus on a clock and time seems to be passing particularly slowly, if you are occupied with something else then it will slip away. at full speed ! Running in song also allows, depending on the more or less hectic titles you listen to, to help you include rhythm in your effort. And if hearing the sound of your breath demoralizes you, then headphones will become your staunchest allies. Running to music is also a way to cut yourself off from the hubbub of the city, but be careful, for your safety you should always be able to hear the environment in which you are running. In this case, wearing only one headset is a good compromise! Finally, as you may know, running is a great producer (if not THE greatest) of endorphins (the hormones of happiness) … and music too! So it seems that running to music makes you twice as happy, euphoric, and fulfilled!

What about silent running, then?

As a runner, if there’s one thing you need to be able to do, it’s run without music. And for good reason, if you want to participate in a competition approved by the French Athletics Federation (FFA), know that this association prohibits listening to music while racing, this fact being considered as an aid to performance.

But this ban should certainly not be your main motivation, there are so many other good reasons to be convinced. Indeed, running in silence allows you to focus on your sensations and feelings, to listen to your body … To know yourself more, quite simply. In addition to helping you become fully aware of your body, running in silence is the perfect opportunity to listen to and appreciate the sounds of Mother Nature: the flow of a stream, the rustle of the wind in the leaves … And even birdsong, like what, in the end, we always run to music, even without music!

In short, running to music: yes! But not at the expense of your safety. Running without music: yes too, and if you still can’t do it, don’t worry, it can be learned and appreciated over time!

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