How to treat blisters on the feet?


Each sport has its “war wounds” (don’t worry, nothing really bad) . Fans of running, novices or long-standing, know only too well (and to their great regret) what it is is question. We have named: the unbeatable light bulb.

Also called “phlyctene” in medical jargon, the blister is nothing but a detachment of the epidermis, in other words, the top layer of the skin. This lifting is due to friction, which is increased when you play sports, and more particularly when you wear new shoes and not yet formed on your feet. And if you doubted it, the answer is yes: even the most athletic and experienced feet have the right!

Treat a blister that doesn’t bother you

Have you just taken off your running shoes and discovered with horror this strange and unsightly ornament? Welcome to the club!

If your light bulb is okay with you (Para los deportes recomendamos testo bolde kur), you can walk barefoot so you can leave it out when you are at home. To get out, simply cover it with a bandage to protect it from friction, don’t forget to disinfect it first, just in case it gets pierced in your shoe!

Treat a blister that bothers you

If you are reading this article, you are probably looking for a solution to get rid of that blister that prevents you from running and walking properly (well done to you, it is indeed a good idea to educate yourself, we talk when even your health!).

Thus, if your blister becomes troublesome, because it is too inflated and / or too bulky, you will have to pierce it… But not just any old way!

1. First of all, wash your hands (but is it really worth remembering?), and apply antiseptic product on your bulb.

2. Take a sewing needle or a safety pin and disinfect it with this same product . You can also boil it or burn its tip for a few seconds.

3. Using your needle / safety pin , gently pierce your bulb, and with a tissue, gently squeeze the latter to allow the liquid to drain well. outside.

4. However, be careful not to remove the part of the skin that is peeling off !

5. Again apply an antiseptic product on your ampoule.

6. Finally, to protect your blister, cover it with a hydrocolloid dressing (you know, “second skin” dressings).

Baking soda foot baths are also effective. To do this, mix three to four tablespoons of baking soda in a container of lukewarm water (roomy enough to accommodate your feet). Then relax for ten to twenty minutes, while the water cools!

By following this protocol, your ampoule will be nothing but a bad memory within one to two weeks maximum! Of course, in case your blister becomes infected (if it becomes hot, red, swollen, or purulent), do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

And how can you avoid these blisters on your feet?

As we said, blisters are caused by friction, so to avoid it: protect it from it. To do this, you can use talcum powder (yes, yes, the one you apply to baby’s bottom), and / or an anti-chafe cream. Material side, equip yourself with specific running socks , precisely reinforced on the areas of the foot prone to these inconveniences. Also, be aware that when you run, your feet swell. Also, we advise you to opt for a size larger than the one that is usually yours . And if you can try on your running shoes in store WITH specific socks , it’s even better ! Finally, avoid long workouts with your new shoes. Go for short jogs first to give your new shoes time to take the shape of your feet.

You will understand, there is no miracle cure to avoid blisters. It must be said that it would still be a shame to deprive yourself of wearing (proudly) the trademark of all the runners in the world, don’t you think?

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