Training at home, mission impossible?


Exercising at home requires a good dose of motivation and discipline. This is why most of us choose to spend our calories in a sports structure or in an outdoor environment in order to maintain social interactions. It is true that practicing sport in a group has many advantages, in particular contact and human relationships, which increase our serotonin level (hormone of well-being) but we sometimes have to put aside these interactions to practice sport. at home.

If you have no other choice or if you don’t want to train indoors, here are some advantages that should make you feel better and pitfalls to avoid.

Zero time constraints

Possibility to adapt their time according to their availability without waiting. It is very easy to know in advance its start time as well as its end time. You can train according to your desires and not according to your schedule.

Trap : Telling yourself that you still have time and that the day is long. Regularly postpone the activity for the next day.

You set your program according to your wishes

You know your own limits and you tailor your program. Don’t feel like working your abs today? No problem !

Trap : Never leave your comfort zone and forget to work certain parts of the body. Worse still, perform the exercises poorly and injure yourself.

You dress as you want

You can put on your stained or holed pants, anyway no one will notice! You are free to wear whatever you want. You will feel at ease! No need to have the latest fashionable leggings (or T-shirts) to feel “In”.

No more shame in the eyes of others: No criticism, no judgments. This helps you gain self-confidence and stay focused on your goals without worrying about the outside environment.

Trap : To neglect yourself and forget to take pleasure in choosing beautiful outfits. The judgments of others are also important in building good self-esteem.

The comforts of home

Are you thirsty? The water bottle is available at all times! Need to go to the bathroom? The door is next!

Pitfall : Not being intense enough in training by focusing on the small details.

Less hygiene problems

You are the only one to use your equipment and to disinfect it.

Trap : Your gear can quickly “get dirty” if you have pets or if you never clean them.

Better concentration

Our attention is not disturbed by music, outside noise, or by the discussions around us.

In a world at 100 per hour, this allows to avoid certain stress : no transport, no traffic jams, no pollution, no nervousness. We break the vicious circle! Staying at home and keeping an eye on the children at the same time … or motivating loved ones to support you is even better!

Trap : Not being able to really concentrate because your children require a lot of attention.

You have no more excuse not to move

So of course you will benefit from less suitable equipment for doing certain exercises and you will not benefit from sound advice from your coaches. However, this proves that even without a structuring and adapted environment you have unfailing motivation !

Our opinion : Although training at home can be comfortable and accommodating, nothing beats the pleasure of being in community and the benevolent advice of sports coaches.

And remember, even at home, you need interesting anabolic stimulation to work out the best you can every day. (recommended for athletes anabolika online bestellen ) This is why we recommend that you take our Whey & Peas Protein just before starting – as part of a short workout of less than 45 minutes – as the increased blood flow during this exercise will allow better transport of nutrients.

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