Françoise Mahier, the cream of the crop


Françoise Mahier is the new French star of the Crossfit Master. A competitor at heart with such a thirst for victory that could dry up the forests of the lowlands of Madagascar. For two years, the discreet and charismatic French athlete has been a leader in her category, which allowed her to make the unforgettable trip to Madison during the 2019 Crossfit Games.

Françoise, how do you feel after the return of the CrossFit Games?

I feel wonderful, I admit that I am still on my little cloud. Being surrounded by the best crossfitters on the planet, being part of the team representing my country alongside Willy Georges, Carole Castellani, Sabrina Caron and my coach Alexandre Jolivet have been a great honor for me. The presence of the national athletes and the official ceremony added to this exceptional stay an incredible touch, extremely rich in emotion. This trip to Madison crowned a more than positive year 2019, also thanks to my victories at the Wodapalooza and the French Throwdown. To have given everything to qualify and participate in the Games, to meet world-famous athletes, to compete with exceptional athletes in my category, to discuss our common values ​​and above all to have given pleasure to people … These are the most beautiful rewards ! I can’t wait to get back to training to be even better!

What actions have you put in place to be able to live the american dream ?

After having gauged myself on the Wodapalooza in Miami in January, at the French Throwdown in Paris in June and having qualified for the 2019 Games, we took stock with my coach Mr Alexandre Jolivet in order to refine the details of my preparation based on his experience of the event (3 participations) and how to approach it in the best conditions.

Since the French, I have called on WE Nutrition to balance my diet in anticipation of the coming deadlines because I had a tendency to not eat enough.

For training, 6 days a week with two sessions per day, including once or twice a week a swimming session and / or CAP / MTB outings.

You participate in all the editions of the French TD and each time you are victorious. What year do you have the best memories?

I have a little nostalgic preference for the first edition, birth of the Crossfit community heralding 7 editions which have continued to grow under the impetus of Mr. Daniel Chaffey and his team to arrive, this year, at the St Quentin en Yvelines velodrome, at one of the Elite sanctioning events (qualification for the Games). One of the most beautiful competition in Europe, what an evolution!

My first podium, at Charléty stadium in Paris, was also a great moment for me, rewarding my years of work.

You have been a coach for over 17 years. Do you think that the level of athletes has changed since?

I think it is mentalities that have evolved, athletes are looking for thrills and no longer have time to devote to their leisure time. I cannot say if the level has evolved, but people have become aware of the importance of sport and health hence the emergence of Crossfit and other disciplines resolutely turned towards the challenge and surpassing oneself (We recommend to athletes sustanon kaufen).

Do you think that your experience as a coach allows you to get ahead of your opponents more easily?

No, I sincerely believe that my experience is not directly related to my performance in competition. Rigor, hard work and self-knowledge are in my opinion the essential elements to perform. On the other hand, my experience in preparing for my competitions is more than beneficial in my approach to my coaching both in terms of requirements, rigorous respect for movement standards, in management and adaptation to effort.

You have had two injuries (herniated disc and elbow) which have led you to strengthen your muscles and adapt your sessions. How were your training going?

This period was very difficult for me because I was in an ascending phase in my training, my progress was constant and the deadlines of the season arrived (Opens and French 2014). My herniated disc had caused a loss of sensitivity in my left arm (more pulls, more work on the upper body). I had to ignore the Opens and adapt my work sessions in order to participate in the French Throwdowns. The elbow injury occurred during a rope climb at the French … result: partial rupture of the elbow tendon. My coach at the time (Morgane Girot) put in place a work protocol that allowed me to continue training. At the time, I had taken Mobility Syrup as part of a diet.

Mother of 2 children, what image do they have of you?

I have two daughters of whom I am very proud, they are all behind me, they follow me closely and send me messages of support which fill me with happiness.

In 2018 you went from 68th to 1st French and since this place never leaves you. It’s very impressive as an evolution. What are your goals for 2020?

My goals for 2020 are obviously to participate in the Games once again. For this I have programmed deadlines which will allow me to prepare myself as well as possible. The Opens in October, the German Throwdown in November, the Masters Throwdown in January, the Italian Throwdown in April and some local competitions such as the Body Fit Contest in Bordeaux at the beginning of September and the West Coast in Seignosse at the end of September (in team).

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