Why overeating promotes premature aging?


A Christmas meal and presto, we take 2 more years? No, that’s not really how it works … However, the way we eat, and the foods we eat, can have a big impact on the aging of our bodies.

A battle between free radicals and antioxidants

The mechanism set in motion by the body to metabolize the meal you have just swallowed – that is to say, transforming food into energy – produces what we call: free radicals. These kinds of unstable atoms have the annoying (but nonetheless normal) feature of wanting to damage our cells. So, to fight this deterioration, the body produces antioxidants, which are supposed to neutralize these free radicals.

And normally, there is a certain balance between the production of free radicals and that of antioxidants. But if these free radicals are produced in too large numbers, this balance is upset, which causes oxidation, promoting aging.

So implied, the more we eat, the longer the metabolism takes, the more free radicals we produce… And the older we get!

So you will understand, antioxidants are definite allies in slowing the aging of cells. Our bodies make them naturally, but they also get them from our food. It is therefore important to consume as much as possible.

Opt as much as possible for foods containing carotenoid, vitamins A, C, E, trace elements such as selenium or zinc and polyphenols. Their antioxidant intake is excellent.

You can find a lot of these antioxidants in fruits and vegetables, hence the importance of consuming them every day, but also in green tea or (good news) in chocolate.

You can also find them in the form of dietary supplements, like the natural herbal formula COCOON , ideal for balancing the body’s pH!

We take care of our organs and pay special attention to cooking food

Organs can suffer from premature aging too. If they don’t get enough vitamins and minerals, they will develop a deficiency leading to accelerated aging.

The way we cook our food, we often tell you about it, is extremely important. Certain cooking, at too high a temperature, destroys all the nutritional contributions of the food. So we favor the raw as much as possible (for vegetables but also meat and fish!) And gentle cooking (steam, wok, papillote, plancha …).

Skin aging can be delayed if you pay attention to your diet

Certain foods, consumed in too large quantities, will have a definite impact on the aging of our skin. This is the case with sugar, for example, which is harmful to collagen and elastin fibers. Salt, alcohol, or even coffee, will have a strong tendency to dehydrate the epidermis. The skin then becomes dry and dull, and wrinkles settle there more easily. Milk, and dairy products in general, consumed in too large quantities, will tend to clog pores, promote imperfections, and accelerate the aging of the skin. Finally, cold meats which contain a lot of salt, fats, and preservatives, strongly promote cell oxidation and tissue degradation!

A healthy, balanced diet and good hydration

We don’t have the secret to eternal youth (unfortunately), but we do know that a healthy and balanced diet will help us to prolong it. So we let go of fruits and vegetables, in season of course, fresh eggs, fatty fish rich in omega 3 , but also nuts. Special mention also to seafood, whole grains, and legumes.

Of course, we limit fat and prefer vegetable oils such as olive oil or walnut oil.

Finally, remember to stay hydrated: at least 1.5 liters per day is a major force in the fight against skin dryness.

What makes you age faster too? The stress ! So we avoid the frustration, and we don’t focus too much on everything we eat. Indulge yourself from time to time, and reasonably. It doesn’t hurt, and it’s good for morale!

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