Ladies, what if we learned to love our athletic bodies?


“Too voluptuous”, “not voluptuous enough”, “too muscular”, “not muscular enough”. No matter how much we look for adjectives to describe ourselves, they are always preceded by “too much” or “not enough”. It’s too much, and this time, it’s not too much!

We can pride ourselves on being eternal optimists, Smiling Ladies for whom the glass is always half full, when it comes to our reflection in the mirror, we are intolerable, and even sometimes do proof of extreme malice towards us . There is no question for us to miss the smallest detail: as small as it is, it occupies a disproportionate place, so much so that we only see him.

Who said that sportswomen don’t have self-esteem? Certainly not a complexed sportswoman.

And yes, being more or less muscular does not prevent us from wishing to see a biceps push, love handles vanish, or even a calf split. Bad news for us: we are not made of plasticine. Finally, it is rather good news when we think that we would surely be ruled by an inability (counterproductive in our quest for self-acceptance) to control our desires for a change in appearance. Do you have any doubts about this? Just think of all the times you’ve succumbed to the hairdresser when you swore to yourself to leave your hair alone. It’s okay, are you convinced;)?

Yet, come to think of it, every body detail has its practical utility: thanks to our abdominal fat, we perform well on long endurance efforts, and our muscular calves allow us to be explosive during ‘short and intense efforts. And it’s our whole body that we can detail like this. Try it out!

It is also important to stop blaming society and its dictates. Just because an ad touts a state-of-the-art car doesn’t mean we’re going to want to own it. It’s the same with our vision of the perfect body.

And if social networks are full of them, let us not forget that these women whom we idealize and look on with envy are like us: they too photograph themselves from an angle where they are to their advantage. Who has never done it? Let’s not be jealous, let’s pull ourselves up.

So, there isn’t ONE typical athletic body, and when it comes to that, we all have one in mind. And certainly not the same. This is a fact that speaks volumes: perfection does not exist, only the image we have of it remains. Let’s not let it invade us, don’t dream of what we would like to have at all costs: first appreciate what we have, then work to achieve the best version of ourselves.

What if, for once, just for once, we tried to avoid suing each other? (This is obviously a rhetorical question) . What if, for once, and for all the other times as well, we tried to see ourselves as we are: sportswomen with athletic bodies. Beautiful women who should be more confident and proud of themselves.

Does this sound like a sea to drink? It is not so. Put your heart into it, you will succeed! We believe in you.

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